Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring and new goals...................

God have convicted me to turn my heart, my life, my health, my mind, my time, my money and my talents to God. God knows me so well that He will do His providential actions at the very moment of my need according to His will. Letting go is going to help me when something no longer serves my own growth. Over the years, I have been rebuilding my life a new foundation. I am looking at what need within me have been challenging. My frustrations aren't anyone's problem but mine. It all begins inside of me. By changing what I believe, deserve, letting go of my negative thoughts by embracing my thoughts in positive ways and changing my behaviors. Life can be hard, but it is considerably harder by criticizing myself and depriving myself of what I deserve: joy, love, abundance, happiness, and laughter.

Swimming is one of my agendas. I have more that I am looking into for spring and summer. Options are unlimited.

Will keep you posted after I get settled down.


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David said...

Jim, this is a profound, thought provoking, and exciting post that you share with us.
Thank you for this gift.