Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Federal Funding for Deaf schools in New York

In this website relating Deaf Education in New York, where they desire "to meet State and federal guidelines". See Link Relating to Deaf schools in the State of New York, State of New York receives federal funding for $ 10 million a year for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act(IDEA). For State Fiscal Year 2007-2008 (school year), State of New York distributes private schools for the Blind and Deaf with an additional $4.73 million in Federal IDEA funds for a total of $122.83 million. See page 3 of this site: Document Site

Samples 2 awards to State of New York for 2006 and 2007 for Individuals with Disabilities Education Acts:
1. Award for 2006
2. Award for 2007

The objectives of most compliance requirements for Federal programs administered by States that only eligible individuals or organizations participate is consistent across all programs. Governmental subrecipients (i.e. private schools) are subject to the provisions of the A-102 Common Rule when managing federal funding. Governmental units assume responsibility for administering Federal funds in a manner consistent with underlying agreements, program objectives, and the terms and conditions of the Federal award.

I am really interested how State of New York auditors are reviewing the private schools' financial records and if they are complying with the federal government's Circular A-133 Audit requirements. This will be interesting.

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