Monday, March 10, 2008


"CSI: Miami" will return on March 24 for eight new episodes.

"Cold Case" will return on March 30 for five new shows.

"CSI: NY" will be back on April 2 for seven new shows.

"CSI" is back on April 3 for six new episodes.

"Without a Trace" will also return on April 3 for six new shows.

"Numb3rs" is slated to return on April 4 for six new episodes.

"NCIS" is back on April 8 for seven new shows.

"BONES" will return on April 14th at 8 PM.

"Hell's Kitchen" will return on April 1st.

"Bionic Woman" will return on ??

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" will return on March 12th at 9PM.

"Law & Order: Special Victim Unit" on April 15th

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