Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deaf boy's dog ruled OK for NY school

I disagree with this decision. This is one example of abusing disabilities rights and I can see why able people are getting tired of this.

Hearing Dog

I used to have a hearing dog and as a legally deaf person, I knew I am not like a blind person who needs to have a dog with me everywhere. I want a dog who can "hear" for me at home like a door knock, phone rings, fire alarms and any other alerts that I am unable to hear.

What's next?


Barb DiGi said...

Leaving the dog home is not recommended by trainers since it will reduce its effective performances. It is required by most certificate agencies to bring the dog at all times and that was probably why cases like this that he has to bring his dog in public to maintain training.

mishkazena said...

Unlike you who are content with a residential hearing dog, some Deaf people do need hearing dogs outside of their homes to accommodate their needs. Their legitimate uses are recognized by Dept of Justice and are not considered to be an abuse of the disability rights.

Kevin said...


Like who? Those who are deaf/blind? That's understandable. Please tell us more about "legitimate uses".

mishkazena said...

Kevin, why don't you check out Freedom for Fido at Laurel, MD? They have a wealth of information.

I do know some people who use hearing dogs and believe me, they do have legitimate uses.