Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rights versus Privileges

In the Bible, the Corinthians were busy defending their rights. Today, in America as well as many parts of the world, we are still doing it. God has designed all of human life to revolve around relationships. Everyone is involved in a relationship, and within those relationships are differing roles. However in our society the emphasis is not on relationships, but on individuality. People focus on their rights and seek to satisfy themselves. I don't think God think we all have any "rights" but rather "privileges".

During our sanctification as Christians in this sinful world, we are go grow in spirit and truth. We are to continuing being spirit-filled and spirit-lead by allowing His grace to transform us what He wants us to be. Our task is to faithfully pursue His will. God’s lessons have taught me what Spirit-filled really means and how to practice Spirit-filled virtues. Being filled with the Holy Spirit means I am to refrain from using my rights and privileges I am entitled to by God's grace because I desire to do God's will out of love and obedience as if I am after God's own heart. Great faiths in the Bible were willing to let go of their rights, privileges and lives in the interests of doing God's will. Faith in Jesus has replaced my temporal doubts and fears with eternal hope when I present my body "as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God" (see Romans 12:1-2).


BH said...

You are right on target when you state that people want to satisfy themselves... our eyes should be heavenward, satisfying our Maker, our Creator, remaining in His will. He must increase, while I must decrease - said the apostle and so right it is. Those are the rights (?) that count.

BH said...

Just read your Bio, seeing you follow Reformed Theology, as do my family and I. Have you found Deaf Reformed in Ohio? I've seen a website for Deaf Reformed, but have not been to their church(es). For what it's worth, my family is both Deaf and Hearing attending a mostly Hearing, yet very much Reformed church. What's your experience??

Jim said...

There is not many deaf churches that are associated with Reformed. That is part of my frustrations.

I am more Lutheran than I am Reformed. There is a Lutheran Deaf Church near where I live. It is a conservative LCMS Lutheran. I am hard of hearing so I go to another Lutheran (LCMS) church.