Sunday, February 22, 2009

Helping and learning from it

We've all struggled in our lives in some way or in many ways. We help others financially as well as physically (i.e. a place to live). Trials come to us to teach us to value the blessing of God from His perspective to enable us to help others in their suffering and to make us better able to assist others in their own suffering.

However, there are some concern when you try to help someone and they are taking advantage of the kindness and it is hard sometimes maybe to say no to family, but it must be done to keep the peace. The main issue when helping others is empathy. Even when someone used something without their knowledge (asking me directly) and lost it. It was a sentimental item that is irreplaceable.

There's self-preoccupation, that don't pay attention to those who are helping them. Lack of courtesy means more than simple lack of manners. Free room, electric, internet, volunteer their time and their vehicle's wear/tear by driving them around. There's little observation on their part, listening, and understanding. There's lack of self-awareness by those who are helping. If they understand their emotions, they will more easily be able to understand another. There are those who understand them and helped them in a big way. There are those who don't and often don't chip in to help those who is struggling while they are helping them. Helping others can put a family in jeopardy. Helping others can cause friction. Helping others can effect a family's future. Helping others takes over a family's home, their privacy and their whole being. Helping others can cause many things. Kindness can turns their financial upside down.

Sometime, people are going to learn from this and not do this again. Now that some have lost money and will lose more money down the road. Will they help again? THAT remains the question.

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