Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disability Programs in local Churches

Through my own family, we have been looking for certain churches that we can fit in and we are learning that there is not much out there. My step-daughter was born with cerebral palsy as well as mild retardation due to seizures when she was a child. We just want a special needs service for my daughter who has cerebral palsy with low IQ. She loves going to Church and she very much wants to go to Sunday School. She is smart enough to understand God and loves God.

It is tough for small churches make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled people, such as providing extra help or making changes to the way the church provides its services. The responsibility rests not just with church leaders, but with everyone. People with disabilities make up one of the largest minority group in the country, especially within Christian Churches.

The Bible also teaches us to bear the burdens of someone with a disability fulfills a command of scripture (Galatians 6:2). 2 Samuel 9:3-4 tells the story of David’s kindness to Mephibosheth, the lame son of Jonathan, modeling the way the church should minister. Many churches often treats disabilities, especially with the deaf community as 2nd or 3rd class citizens. A disabled Christian believer can enrich in a Christian community, Christians with disabilities – especially those in positions of leadership can serve as God's best examples of His power being made perfect in weakness.

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Diane J Standiford said...

Jim, I have NEVER understood why people of God don't do more.