Sunday, December 14, 2008

GOP's political divisiveness is getting out of hand.

I agree with McCain that the nation's problems are too daunting for political divisiveness. Divisiveness is creating dissension or discord. It seems the political climate in our nation has been more divisive than any I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. We call ourselves Christians? If the Republican Party want people to see them with approval, they better stop being arrogant, wrong attitudes, ignorance, stereotyping, and alienation. My current view with GOP is that they are strong-willed people who are so controlling that they are not yielding to the wishes of others. More often than not, self-willed people will not listen to advices of others. A self-will person will always insisting stubbornly and arrogantly of having their own way.

What we all need is diversity and unity with proper attitude. We all are living in the same country and we are actually living in a society that we all have to live together. We all are suffering the same and we all will overcome together.

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