Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Power Outage for 2 days

About 4 pm, Sunday afternoon, the power went out and we didn't get the power back until 20 minutes ago. Most of Ohio had lost power due to wind storm from the affect from Hurricane Ike. 84 of the state's 88 counties have reported damage from the storm, which had reports of wind gusts of 75 miles per hour.

Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland declared a state of emergency to help Ohio government better respond to the wind storm that slammed the state on Sunday, killing up to six people and knocking out power to nearly 2 million homes and businesses.

Randy Shaffer, father of missing Ohio State University student Brian Randall Shaffer , died when a tree limb struck him outside his Baltimore home in Fairfield County. Randy Shaffer was a familiar face to many in central Ohio who followed his well-publicized search to find his son. Brian Shaffer has been missing since April 1, 2006. Shaffer's wife, Renee, died of cancer the month before their son disappeared.

On the lighter side, in Bexley, Ohio (which is about 10 miles southeast of Upper Arlington) Superintendent Michael Johnson discovered the fastest way to spread the word about his district's closing: tell kids to text all their friends.

Johnson, whose own home was victim to a downed tree, drove through Bexley neighborhoods Sunday evening and stopped to talk to kids along the way. He told them he was the superintendent, and asked them to text their friends with word that school was closed yesterday.



Seems like IKE has spent a lot of time reminding all of us "nature" is in charge! Just glad to hear you are OK...

Linda D. in Seattle

Norma said...

The Shaffer family story is certainly one of the saddest.