Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mandated Laws (i.e. ADA) and Small Businesses

I do understand that harmful government mandates further threatening employee and employer alike in all small-businesses that the economic outlook has become more scary. For small businesses, they have been carrying the costs of the economic downturn which make up 80% of businesses are small-businesses while 20% are large corporations.

I understand that most small-businesses owners are republicans because they understand that in order to be able to provide jobs and benefits to each and every employee, they don't want democrats to create unfavorable governmental regulations threaten small businesses ability to run their business. As an Ohioian, I am looking into the 2008 election, all of us need to understand the impact by small businesses owners and their employees will vote as pro-business mindset when they cast their ballots. They will want to work with elected officials who have similar ideals that strengthen business and do not irresponsibly hinder job production and growth.

I come from a family that run small businesses and I do understand the impact of what laws can do to small businesses. Often when laws hinders small businesses to do what they are intending to do, they will lay off employees or close up.

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