Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why would I join a biased organization?

Deep thoughts about joining an unbaised advocacy organization. Bias is a term used to describe a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective and ideology. A bias could lead one to accept or deny the truth that is often very "one-sided" while ignoring the other. By nature, all of us are bias therefore it is very easy for us to be bias. Running an "unbiased" organization is not easy at all.

One example is organization for people with hearing loss (deafness), there are many organizations that are very biased to certain group of people with hearing loss. Very few are qualified as "unbiased" and I can list a few in my mind.

Ever since I started blogging, I have learned more about organizations and their agendas. Who knew this much before blogging? We had limited resources in the past. Now, with the age of internet technology, we can learn more about each organization and their activities through other people. The more I read about organizations and their backgrounds, the more I am seeing the powerful and influential orgnanization with hidden agendas that are not easily recognized.

I starting to looking into my motives in joining organizations and that I need to have a better understanding before joining. I need an organization that is very sound, clear, accurate, and unbiased information for everyone. Public diplomacy is the very definition of advocacy that is creating awareness of an organization's agendas.

An organization must meet the highest standards of credibility for the purpose of advocacy. The information being shared about a specific topic must be fair, unbiased, accurate, complete and honest.

Can we (in private) see if we are members of organizations that are either biased or unbiased? Can you list them in your mind and if you are a member of a biased organization, would you want to remain a member? Its easy for me to be biased therefore I rather join an unbiased organization that provoke my biased thoughts into helping others live better.

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Toby Welch said...

Interesting. Please let me know the list of organizations if you don't mind. By the way, I am holding the Reformed Faith. Please contact me at

Toby Welch