Friday, April 4, 2008

Some people unaware that those have MS considered to be drunk when

walking funny. Most of the time, I walk normal however there were days, I walk like a drunk. Dizziness is a thorny problem for me. This only happens when I walk. When I sit down or lying down, I don't have dizziness problem. Anyway, I hate this feeling whenever loss of balance, unstable walking and clumsiness comes to me.

But hey, everywhere including at work, I have a good sense of humor about it. Since I have no control of my body, I just do the next best thing which have fun with it rather than be negative about it. I have found a sense of humor is necessary for me in order to keep my sanity. David Lander best-known for his role as "Squiggy" on the sitcom Laverne & Shirley is known for his humor relating to his MS. Read more in his site at David L. Lander's Website

Anyway, I was reminded that there are about 18,000 Ohioans who has MS and I am one of them. I wondered if anyone tried to have ALL 18,000 Ohioans who has MS get together for a cookout gathering just for fun. This will be interesting and perhaps a good fundraising idea.


Casdok said...

Love your attitude!


I've not been accused of walking around drunk. But I have been accused of tripping on my own feet or other times wobbling like a penguin. :)

Squ65 said...

The well known Deaf woman Nancy V. Becker who had suffered MS for nearly 25 years. She was a strong leader of the Deaf Community. She passed away peacefully a month ago. I had met her a several times last year or two at her house. She no longer signed and mostly used her "silent' voice. I barely lipread her! Luckily her Deaf PCA helped us out. She had been very active until she was gone. I am not sure you have heard about that woman from Boston area. NVB will be missed by everyone here.

Hey, Don't give up and be strong with a positive attitude. Not many Deaf/HH have MS like you. Good to read your blog every now and then.

Jim said...

Hi squa65,

I have lost touch with many deaf people in MA since leaving the state in 1978. I attended the Boston School for the Deaf in Randolph. Thanks for sharing this with me and I will check this out.


Squ65 said...

Best to look up in Google .. You will find her there Use her full name included middle name too