Friday, April 4, 2008

Decision to move Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program will

move to Chappelow next year when University Schools (a charter school) decided this week it will no longer house the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program for Greeley-Evans School District 6 in nothern Colorado. The school's decision caught not only parents, students and supporters off guard but also the school district officials.

Do you know what is interesting? Read this quote from the article:
A strong vocal opponent to the removal of the program from University is Sarah Karl, a sixth-grader at the school.

She is not in the program, but Sarah said removing it affects all students.

I love it when students speak up. Earlier, I misunderstood the quote until now however I can't say I support the move or not since I don't live in the area. Students are affected regardless what administrators think.


abc said...

I'm puzzled.. Are you SUPPORTING moving the school, or are you OPPOSED to moving the school??

I don't understand....

Jim said...

I am not living in the area so I can't say whether I support it or not.