Friday, April 11, 2008

Education regarding Audism should be promoted more often to educate the ignorants

Audism, like racism and sexism, is discrimination against deaf and hearing-imparied individuals however, I do acknowledge that there is a significant difference between ignorance and audism. Nowadays, its hard to tell the difference but I believe that with today's technology and disability discrimination laws that are out there, there should not be any ignorance. My only conclcusion is that people are doing audism rather than being ignorant.


whimsical brainpan said...


Karen Mayes said...

You have a point. I believe audism should be taught more in the employment. Also, my opinion is that the word "audism" is one of overused words, with an intent to control deaf people... deaf people accusing other deaf people of audism. Like when my husband and I decided to mainstream our deaf son, we were accused of audism. When we asked that the Bi Bi deaf school to provide speech therapy, we were judged as audists. So forth. So I am like... we really don't know what audism means, same as we don't really know what deafism means. It is how we approach life and make the best of it for our children.

It is good to know what "ism"s are, but take care not to abuse "isms" for the personal gain. Use it strictly for good reason... like in the employment.