Sunday, March 9, 2008

Would This Year's Presidental Election Split the Republican Party?

There are moderates everywhere including within each parties (Democrats and Republicans). Should far left and far right have their own parties? It appears that many voters are jumping around (like I have) deciding who to vote for regardless what party a person may belong to. As a registered Republican, I am viewing this way:

The split between "conservatives" and "moderates" is really just a symptom that is between two aspects of the Republicans' philosophy:
1. Moderates are the ones who desire "that the individual has a right to live for his own goals"


2. Conservatives are the ones who desire "that the individual live for the goals imposed on citizens by Congress"

It it a silly mistake for Republicans to want to choose between moderates and conservatives?

I believe the Republican party has moved too far to the right that made conservatives too powerful which that already alienated moderates, political independents and conservative Democrates (who are sometimes are Republicans).

The very first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln who is my favorite President of all times. Today's Republicans are NOT in tune with the Republicans during Lincoln's days that many members are leaving the Republican Party.

I am a moderate Christian who person desire to have a well-balanced, calm, careful, steady, and sane political goals. "Moderate Christian" basically means those who are relaxed and open in how we deal with the world, but who take Christianity seriously while at the same time, understand sins in this world. Sins are discord, disunity, and chaos will always produce great insecurity that leads people to feel destabilize in their lives. I have come to conclusion that being a moderate reminds me that I have no control of what is going on in this world. Christianity will always be running against the prevailing society of individualistic views. Grace is about loving other people that we have the freedom to do so but at the same time, respect how they practice their beliefs. I just let God handle their beliefs that I disagree with.

I am one Republican who wants to see a return to traditional values that must come from the people, not the government. "We the People" are the true government.

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