Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Men and Multiple Sclerosis

Lower sex hormones, such as testosterone, is proabably partly responsible for lack of sex drive for men. According to studies I have been reading, the men's average blood testosterone level was on the low side of normal. Studies are showing that hormone that elevates physical energy and sex drive, as well as help men who has multiple sclerosis. Swimming will effectively increase opioid peptides (aka endorphins, a naturally occurring opiate that in conjunction with other neurotransmitters is responsible for exercise induced euphoria) which positively influence hormone production (i.e., increase testosterone and growth hormone). When the brain is stimulated, chemicals like endorphins are released into the blood stream which leads to better mood that leads to sexual release.

Therefore, for men, exercising creates flow of testosterone that will help increase sex drive. After getting sex drive through exercises, sex enhance mood to have sex, the more you have it, the more endorphins that are released. Endorphins are the brain's feel-good chemicals. Boy, do I missed those feelings.

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