Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hearing Dog

It appeared that I touched a nerve about my opinion of having a hearing dog at school. I had a hearing dog years ago and she was wonderful. A Hearing Dog is specially trained to assist a person who is deaf or hard of hearing. The dog is trained to respond to sounds such as a smoke alarm, baby crying, doorbell, alarm clock etc. and alert his or her deaf partner that these sounds have occurred. I was told by the trainer that the dog's main responsibility is at the home where he/she is familiar with the surrounding and noises. Noises such as: the telephone, an alarm clock, door bell or knocker, the smoke alarm, a baby’s cry, and the subtle sounds of a twisting doorknob or window raising or breaking, the threatening sounds of an intruder.

I never found a reason why I need a hearing dog outside my home. The blind will need a seeing eye dog however the hearing dog has some distinct differences. Hearing dogs are vastly different from guide dogs for blind people. Deaf people can obviously see, so they don’t need that kind of guidance; what they need is to be alerted to sounds.

I have the same issue with deaf people who wants a disabled card for their cars to park at disabled parking lots so they won't have to walk far. Deaf people can't hear but they can walk. They have legs. Disabled parking spots are for those who are "unable to walk" in a distance.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am also legally deaf and I know what my limits are. I will not abuse my privileges. I am thankful the laws we have out there and I will not take advantage of those laws.


mishkazena said...

I suggest you do some serious research on the reasons why some d/Deaf people need service dogs outside of their house. Be glad you don't need a hearing dog outside the house, unlike a minority. Comparing the hearing dogs to disability cards is a deep insult to these people who need the accommodation of hearing dogs.

Why don't you check out Fidos For Freedom located at Laurel MD? They had their dogs undergo extensive training for at least two years. They do a lot more work than just alert the person around the house. Then maybe you will understand better and not be so judgmental.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I agree.

My doctor offered to get me a disabled parking sticker. I told her that my legs worked just fine and what my hands can't carry a cart sure will.

Deb Ann said...

I like you! You spoke in the truth. Great post ;)