Saturday, March 15, 2008

Common knowledge

Within the Deaf community, it is common knowledge that we all discriminate or stereotypes against each other (Deaf or hard of hearing). Many of us have grew up with our own cultural, educational and family experiences of how we view deafness in this world. Some of the issues relating to the Deaf community, there are those who disagrees with me (i.e. Hearing Dog in schools, etc). Also, I may be causing some problems within the Deaf community who are reading my blog. One minor example is relating to my announcement of Cold Case's upcoming episode after the Writers’ Strike, I have been following on all of my favorite shows on my March 10th's posting New Episodes. A fellow blogger feels being first does not mean I copy this blogger's post but rather I got this from another source what I called "researching". In the internet world, anyone can get this information through googling through entertainment media including Cold Case fan clubs. I doubt any of us readers are that dumb. Various cultures will always be running against the prevailing movement of society with individualistic values. We are still identifying barriers to participation in our society. Many people have the ability to overcome barriers in their own ways and making sure that they are having quality of life regardless of barriers. I am sharing to my readers from my perspective regarding how I see in this world whether they disagree with me or not.

All of us are blinded by ignorance on specific issues. Hypocrites we are: but are we on our way to liberation even from our own hypocrisy? Reading many blogs, nope, we are not. I am a hypocrite like anyone else in the blogging community. None of us are perfect and many of us have our own agendas. I have never met anyone who agrees with me 100% and I never met a person who agrees with me 100%. We all will have our own disagreements and differences. Discord basically means lack of agreement or harmony as between persons, things, or ideas. We all will always be active in quarreling or conflict resulting from discord within the community. This is in fact I am seeing within the Deaf community which saddens me but again, my opinions may not be popular but they are mine. In my own experiences, I am facing various communities including Multiple Sclerosis, Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and others. I have no problem with those who disagree with me and I have high respect for those who disagree with me. We are free, but our freedom does not mean we can know for SURE what is right and what is wrong. I may be wrong or I may correct or I may be partially correct. Until we know we can maintain our integrity only by admitting our own ignorance, we can be truly humbled by the fact that there is a strong community out there who can be patient and sort things out with respect. Accountability involves "one anothers" as a community.

I am thankful of the community where I am accepted including those who disagrees with me and those respects me when I disagree with them. Harmony is to get alone despite our differences.


Karen Mayes said...

:o) Yup, we are all hypocrites. As I have commented several times, we all have our own perspectives and that we all needed to acknowledge each other. As well as whatever works for one person, it does not always mean it would work for all. I have been labeled, accused, put down, etc... just because I have my own opinions which do not sit well other other commenters/v/bloggers *shrug* :o)

I am enjoying your blog so far...

Joseph Pietro Riolo said...

Another thought-provoking blog entry.

The ability to agree to disagree is very difficult to master and adopt. It does not come naturally. It has to be learned from other people who practice the attitude of agreeing to disagree or from the experience of seeing no result from constant disagreements. Not an easy task.

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.


Jim, I really enjoy reading your beliefs, opinions, and thoughts as only can come from your personal experiences. That's how people learn from each other and I learn VERY much by your sharing with us. Thank you.

Angela said...

I don't know about you but when it comes to blogs I typically shy away from those I agree with 100% preferring those who are bold in their opinions and beat to their own drums. Can you imagine how boring the blogworld would be if we all agreed on everything?