Sunday, February 3, 2008

Recession and upcoming elections........

Whenever we face financial problems in this world, we need to understand that there is not one "economic system" that will solve anything. Even as much as they try, not one "Government system" will be able solve anything.

We human beings who are sinners have the nature towards greed and exploitation. That's a fact. Economic's chief purpose is to discover and refine just and loving means of creating, distributing, and consuming wealth to overcome poverty and to increase the material and spiritual prosperity of people. In a sin-filled world, economics—like all other activities of life in this world, cannot be perfect.

While I know some who are unemployed that are no fault of theirs. Therefore, I can't judge.

However, I do agree that there are people who rely on government alone for $$$ and that needs to change. In America, we are to find ways to earn money while getting help from the government, not taking money and not doing anything. I will always remember Benjamin Franklin's quote The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.”

I have been voting for 30 years and I have seen past recessions. We are in in a different decade and there are different issues will be the remaining factors of why today's problems are different from the past. I just have to remember that God is the have the complete control of everything. I don't worry about the "results" but I do worry about the politicans' and president's behaviors which determines my choices of parties and persons in the future. Politicians and lobbyists are the main problem, in my personal opinion.



I agree with you Jim that lobbyists and politicians are part of the problem with getting anything done effectively. Last fall I wrote about a program here in Virginia named Medicaid Works which is designed to encourage and allow disabled Medicaid participants to work, save, and become more financially self-sufficient. More of these types of programs and incentives need to be implemented nationwide. IMO.

ASL Risen said...

Thanks so much for your info! Superbowl today, SuperTuseday Vote is next! Yikes!! But thanks so much for your info!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

As one of those people who relies on the government for money I have to say that they don't make it easy to get out of the situation. Especially when your main concern is having enough healthcare coverage to get the things you need.

I don't think I could ever work full-time unless I found a job with flexible hours that would let me work from home. Even if I did find that job what about health care coverage? I could easily be turned down due to pre-existing conditions if my employer offered benefits at all.

What about part-time? Well there are some programs that allow you to earn a certain amount of money for eight months. Who's going to hire me for just eight months? I can not work retail.

You are also allowed to earn a certain amount of money a month before you lose your Medicare/Medicaid. Last time I checked the amount I could earn was $113 a month. So find me a job that isn't retail where I can earn so little because I can only work 18 hours per month.


I do not like being a burden on society but until they come up with something that makes sense (or I finish my book and it actually gets published and sells well) it looks like I am stuck here.