Sunday, February 3, 2008

Attending a Movie..................with New Hearing Aids

Back in July, last summer, with one hearing-aid dead and the other one is aging and slowly dying because it was about 15 years old. My wife said it was time for me to get the latest hearing-aids models available in which I will be able to hear much better, especially at work at meetings.

Hearing aids I never had before, latest techololgy that brings in "digital" which basically means "complete computer" hearing-aids. Digital hearing aids transforms analog sound into a digital signal and process the sound to maximize the speech information I want to hear (customized), while minimizing the amplification of sounds I do not want to hear.

The model I bought was "Sumo DM" which offered me a new identity-based fitting strategy to give me the best starting point for a fitting. The Identities make the instrument easier to accept by offering four unique sound processing strategies to match your needs and preferences, in other words, customizing what I want to hear and not to hear. With that, my hearing-aids are providing me consistent access to speech and excellent sound quality which I could not hear in the past.

Friday, I went into Columbus Speech & Hearing Center to get my hearing-aids adjusted (this is where I bought my hearing-aids). The audiologist customized my hearing-aids (this is the third time) to "Soft Speech level" so that I can hear anyone who has soft voice, especially at meetings. I will probably need one more customization after testing out at public meetings. My wife and I are planning to attend the 11 AM service this morning.

Anyway, back in July, I told them I would try testing my hearing-aids at movie theatres in which I love to go but unable to hear everything. So, my wife and I decided to go to a movie to test my hearing-aids and we saw "I AM LEGEND". I was able to hear almost every word and was able to enjoy the movie.

After the movie, my wife asks, "Now can we have a date once month of dinner and movie?" And then she "winked". I asked, "Would I get lucky after the movie?". She responded, "Maybe" with a big smile. LOL

Back to at the time of puchasing my hearing-aids. When I first purchased my hearing-aids over the summer in which I waited for ten years to do because I could not afford them. I worked with Columbus Speech & Hearing's accountants and my insurance company to figure out how much I need to get a loan.

Once I was told what I need to get a loan for (we got this information from my insurance company), I got the loan and paid for my hearing aids. It turns out that my insurance company didn't tell me a tiny detail about how much I had to pay. Therefore, in turn I have to pay the difference so I worked with Columbus Speech and Hearing that we would pay as much as we could until it is paid for (i.e. $25 a month). They accepted after many confused attempts in communication with support staff, the administration didn't realized I was in a bind until they received my email about my problem. They quickly resolved and changed the procedure to make sure that their staff go through proper procedure through administration to resolve anything that could not be solved.

I was pleased because I have been going to Columbus Speech & Hearing Center for over 25 years and even supported them by donating money from my paychecks. Now, that I feel better and love supporting Columbus Speech & Hearing Center. In fact, I might attend their "Great Communicators" event in May in which Cal Ripkin, Jr will be speaking.


Karen said...

It took me a few years to pay off my daughter's hearing aids and then just before the last payment, she lost one! ahhh!

Jim said...

When I was younger, my parents got mad at me for breaking them when I was playing sports. They decided to put them on insurance. I have mine on insurance coverage.


Hi Jim, I need to be educated a bit. When you discuss hearing aids, are they the type which are connected by magnet to a cochlear implant or are they somewhere in between that and the kind my grandfather with age-related hearing loss needs (although much more powerful)?

As for myself, I have some reduced hearing due to being in loud performing situations before I invested in 'musician's earplugs' with specific decibel reducers. Now I have tinnitus to a level which is rather disturbing, possibly due to medication or damage, or maybe MS. During one exacerbation, I experienced sound within an identifiable frequency range as being accompanied by the striking of an anvil on my head. (I also had other complaints at the time and the IV steriods corrected my hearing sensation problems.) Sometimes now if I'm in a loud situation, sounds seem to echo in my ear/head and overlap new sounds, and it becomes rather overwhelming. I'm bringing this up in my next doctor's visit.

Jim said...

Hi Lisa,

I am not qualified to obtain cochlear implant because I can hear with basic hearing-aids that have been around for years. Hearing aids I have are small electronic devices that I wear behind my ears. Those who have mildler hearing loss can wear hearing-aids "in the ear".

I recommend that you go and see an audiologist to have a hearing-test.

Without my hearing-aids, my hearing-loss is between 70 and 100 decible level while with hearing-aids, 20 and 40 decible level.

I hope this answer helps.