Saturday, February 9, 2008

Parents of deaf & hard of hearing children make tough decisions

In my earlier post, I was writing about Being Parents of Children with Disabilities, is NOT easy and we work much harder than parents of "normal" kids. Parents who have deaf or hard of hearing children are facing a different kind of struggling world between Deaf culture and Hearing Culture. AG Bell have been telling parents that deaf children should stay away from the Deaf culture and I believe that advise is so bad and so discriminating. Because most deaf children experience severe isolation among their hearing, non-signing peers and feeling left out who are like them.

I have seen many deaf oralist who never learned sign language are isolated in their adult world because they can't really related to the hearing world and they also can't relate to the deaf world. This kind of isolation can stunt children's language and psychosocial development that will impact their future.

Hearing Parents of deaf children should allow their children at least be in contact with a deaf community while teaching them oralism. I believe parents have that right to allow deaf kids to learn sign language ALONG WITH speaking and lip reading. My objective is to allow the DEAF to choose their lifestyle as they get older because this is THEIR lives, not the parents.

This site offered one good example of two experts:
Two Leading Experts Discuss the Cochlear Implant Controversy I love NAD's quote:
The NAD, too, advocates greater accessibility and a level playing field, albeit in a slightly different sense. We do not place our emphasis with any one innovation, preferring instead to focus on utilization of the ever-growing array of technologies that are at our disposal, benefiting deaf and hearing alike.

Increased hearing and speech capabilities do not necessarily determine successful interaction with the larger hearing world. Deaf people who use sign

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