Saturday, February 9, 2008

Deaf Parents of Hearing Children

I just thought of something that I have been thinking over the years. I know alot of deaf parents who have deaf and/or hearing children and I do know for a fact that deaf parents encourage their children to part of their world which is the "hearing world" while at the same time, be part of the Deaf culture because they do have some connection with the deaf because of a relative like a parent. I don't think I met one deaf parent that tells their children to avoid the "hearing world".

Just thought that I wanted to share.


Maddy said...

Aha! there you are. I actually heard a fascinating programme on the radio last week about deaf culture [Sunday I think]
Best wishes

"Whittterer On Autism."

mafalda said...

thank you for sharing jim, a very nice blog! are you on twitter? would be nice to hear from you there.

Shelly said...

I agree with you. I have two hearing kids and I never would have dreamed of telling them to avoid the "hearing" world.

Anonymous said...

I agree, as a Coda, I was never cautioned about that big bad hearing world.

But I wonder, as a Deaf parent, if your hearing child gets ready to enter into marriage, would you prefer hearing spouse? Deaf spouse?