Saturday, October 17, 2009

Living in the Word as in Living in Spirit

I have to remind myself that in terms of "living in the Word", every one of us have different interpretation of the Word. When (we interpret Scripture by focusing) on our inner voice, we risk losing the original voice of Scripture. The task of hermeneutics is to discover the meaning of the text in its proper setting; to draw meaning from Scripture rather than reading one’s presuppositions into it. A person who intends to manage his own affairs, maintain his pride, and secure esteem and glory from his fellow human beings will twist the words of Jesus to support his own self-esteem. Compare Scripture with Scripture. False doctrines, like false witnesses, agree not among themselves. We have to remember that its not the scriptures that are corrupted. Its a man's heart that is corrupted. Intelligence, reason, and choice.

The Scriptures aim to affect our hearts and change the way we feel about God and his will. It is the will of God that his Word crush feelings of arrogance and self-reliance and that it give hope to the poor in spirit. Christianity will always be running against the prevailing movement of society with individualistic doctrinal beliefs. We are in the world of self-deceit that we are too focused on ourselves to see the eternal truth.

As you can see around the world, you see difference of opinions of Scriptures based on their own interpretations OR what they they have learned over the years through their denominational teachings. We all victimized because we grew up in a certain theological system and we became indoctrinated by what we have learned over the years that we have struggled by defending what we have learned and can't seem to let go of it.

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