Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I need to focus another way to reflect on what I am facing and what I am learning. A blog is a great way to let people know my side of the story. Many times, I go back and read the my blogs to help me remember what I faced and how I am doing today than I was back then. Life's experiences encouraged me to examine my own beliefs. They help me think, explore and examine. It’s also a great step of becoming a better person, it is about learning from your failure. To learn, it’s not enough with a promise not to repeat only, we also need to make some actions to ensure that we really learn from our failure. Sometimes blogging and networking can cost me true relationships. I have made mistakes over the years. should "learn" from the past rather than "holding on to the past". It would be nice not to have any regrets. If I had no regrets, I would never grow.

Another reason why I blog. For years, I had to struggle with the conditions that affect the development of my communication skills within personality and intelligence. Bogging or networking are particularly useful for the introverts like me, that we know that we are not so good with words, especially when we have to speak. Writing is much more comfortable because we can think without pressure for the right words to say.

I enjoy having deep thoughts about God and put down what I actually think about so I can come back and look what I said. I am always learning about theologies and doctrines. I don't know everything biblically but in faith, I am willing to learn. Its easy to be a Christian but not easy to become a Disciple. For over 30 years, I had the passion to study the Bible and understanding God. I had the passion but I didn't have the commitment of what it means to be a disciple.

Time for a change.

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Diane J Standiford said...

Sounds like you are going deep(er). This man is exploring faith, seeking God and the Why Me, maybe you would have a kind word for him?