Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hearing aids and health care

Just thinking and wondering what would happen if both of my hearing-aids died today and I can't afford to buy them anytime soon. I need those hearing-aids to communicate with my family, friends and co-workers. Its a necessity, not cosmetic or anything. Most insurances do not cover at all or only cover partial. I have other bills like everyone else including those who are "able" who don't have any disabilities to spent money on.

While I am against socialist concept of health care and prefer to have the flexibility to get the insurance we want through our employment or other means. There should be a way that the government can work with the employers to provide health insurance for ALL employees. Those who are unable to work should be able to get health care through the government.

Its one of those thoughts I have been thinking lately. The only hope—for the doctors, for their patients, for all of us—is for the doctors to assert a moral principle. Individual freedom and personal choice, rooted in American values, provide principled health care, moral health care, and the best health care. That is why United States have the best in the world. The only problem is that "lack of funds" by those who needs medical attention.

Today, we need to define, understand and establish health and medical ethical boundaries. Both morality and politics must be discussed before the relation between political rights and health care can be appreciated. If the government controls everything, do we think it will be more responsive to the needs of individual patients? We should look at the public education as an example.

However, as you can see, public education have not been doing so good lately in the United States. Other countries are gaining ahead of us in educating our kids.

Now, I have Multiple Sclerosis to deal with and my financial picture is not very pretty.

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