Saturday, August 29, 2009

Discrimination: Two Cases in Ohio

I believe the laws were mostly useful for raising the level of awareness and consciousness. However, the aging and disability rights movements are still educating people about the structural and attitudinal barriers in the United States and similar industrialized countries that are the fundamental cause for the discrimination and oppression faced by many people. We must remove physical, emotional and spiritual barriers that are often discriminates.

Case # 1: Woman wins ageism lawsuit Hotel worker who was replaced by younger women to get $420,000, Charlotte Thomas, who was 67 when she was fired by the Marriott Courtyard Hotel.

Case # 2: The state law banning discrimination against pregnant women does not protect new mothers who take unauthorized breaks to use a breast pump, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday. LaNisa Allen, then 35, was fired in August 2005 by the outerwear manufacturer Totes/Isotoner in West Chester after a supervisor caught her pumping milk during her scheduled work time.

Survey: The Hot Issue: Do you think the woman who took unauthorized breaks to use a breast pump should have been fired?

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