Monday, August 17, 2009

Dealing with Depression and life

I am dealing with my own depression which often cause several environmental, emotional and financial situation but let's not forget Multiple Sclerosis(MS)also be a factor. I have been taking nutrition along with my medications to help control my depression that is usually caused by MS medication and other medications I am taking.

Other causes of depression are complex and involve a combination of biologic, genetic, and environmental factors. Anyway, whatever the cause, I am dealing with it.

Another issue is not helping me which is sexual. MS symptoms such as fatigue, pain and numbness can also create sexual problems for men living with MS. I can see my wife is trying to figure out “what we did wrong” or “what I could do better” when she is analyzing our problem. I have read that I am not alone since I have heard that men with MS are probably already experiencing some degree of anger, embarrassment, fatigue and grief over the changes in their bodies, so there may be some rough spots starting a conversation about sexual dysfunction. That's not easy.

Its a struggle but I am hanging in there.

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