Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thinking of my retirement in a few years

Home business ideas for after-retirement. The ability to work from home, create a fantastic income and spend that precious time with our family would have been an easy choice.

I am an accounting who is eligible to retire within a few years is considering starting-up a home-based bookkeeping service or help another bookkeeper. Small business bookkeepers and accountants have worked from their home offices for years. The average small-business bookkeeping for one client is $100-$300 per month with just 6-8 hours each month.

With my accounting experience (30 combined years), I will give my complete attention to someone's business who needs to be on the top of the bookkeeper’s priority list. Their business financial will be impeccable only if I as a bookkeeper is focused on getting things done the right way.

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Dianrez said...

I have similar ideas about starting a retirement business after retiring last year, only in printing for fine artists and photographers.

There should be a website for similar Deaf people running home businesses, it could give us more ideas and a network.