Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lack of desire to blog

I don't know what really happened. I got away from blogging. My struggle in blogging is that I am an introvert person. It isn’t easy for me to blog as an introvert.I know that motivation is what urges me, encourages me to do something. That encouragement is important if I want to share. But if my motivation and confidence is not there, I will back away and not do anything.

Right now, I have 3 blogs:
This blog: Jim's Deep Thoughts which includes every topic that comes to mind.
Another Blog: Jim's Thoughts on Christian Beliefs which this is mainly about my Christian faith.
Another Blog; Federal Accounting Grants Administration which is about managing and tracking grant spending.

I have not posted Federal Accounting Grants Administration since April 4, 2008. I lost motivation to post.

I still have the desire to post about my faith but not as much.

I am lacking motivation to post in this blog. I only post whenever I am in the mood. Often I don't feel like talking about Multiples Sclerosis, deafness, political and etc.

While I have been away, I have been brainstorming to start a business and been attending Small Business courses (locally) sponsored by The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Now, I have the resources and tools to start a business. I have a strong desire to retire within 2 to 5 years. I just want to get my small business active in good standing by the time I retire. At least having two clients would be a good start.

I will keep you posted. Once I get started, I might start a new blog that ties to my business. Stay tuned.

Jim :)

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