Sunday, July 19, 2009

Familiar with National Deaf Business Institute ?

Is anyone familiar withNational Deaf Business Institute ? I am hard of hearing and a graduate of NTID, would they be useful for me as I start a new business?


J.J. said...

That website/organization is new to me.

I looked at the list of people on the BOD, they all are reputable people. So, I would say it is a reputable website.

Worth a try....let us know how it works out...

Vladimir said...

Great to hear from you that you are thinking to start a new business. Welcome to business world!

Have you heard about Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf?

The premier exclusive event will be held on May 27-30,2010 in Houston, TX.

You may get accelerated hands on trainings, attend general and breakout sessions, and get new opportunities at the Business Expo.


Dianrez said...

Yes, these are fine people. However, the website offers little in the way of actual information or networking, so I imagine it is most effective locally in the Washington, DC area.

We all have to form our own networks. So far, business organizations that I have seen for Deaf entrepreneurs has been loosely formed and relatively inactive.

There seems to be a Deaf Business Expo being planned for Houstin in late May, 2010. ( This is organized by different people than in the DC business organization. I am hoping that something stronger in Deaf business networking will come out of this gathering.

Anonymous said...

National Deaf Business Institute Re-launches Website Highlighting Deaf Business Owners

Washington, D.C. [July 4, 2009] - The National Deaf Business Institute(NDBI) is pleased to announce the re-launch of its website as developed by Viable, Inc, a deaf-owned and deaf-operated company that develops communication access technologies and provides video relay services. "This updated, user-friendly site allows us to share news of interest about deaf business owners," said Ronald Sutcliffe, NDBI executive director. "It'll also have a blog and allow us to bring together deaf business owners around the nation to share ideas, thoughts and experiences."

NDBI was founded in 2002 with the purpose of helping deaf people develop skills to start, manage, and grow successful businesses. With the mission of advancing entrepreneurship by deaf people through education, research and outreach, NDBI’s vision is to build economic power among deaf persons by helping increase business productivity. In order to instill a solid entrepreneurial spirit among deaf people, NDBI believes that it is critical for the community to have strong leaders and visible role models.
Experienced deaf entrepreneurs are also able to volunteer a few hours every week for any of our various programs for youth, college students, or professionals.

"NDBI offers a variety of services to not only deaf business owners, but also to all deaf persons who work in the field of business, in both the public and private sectors," NDBI President Louis Schwarz said. "We strive to develop and serve a community of deaf business leaders by offering programs that provide equal access to the resources available to any business owner. The programs also will provide tools deaf people can use to overcome barriers imposed by society."

Sutcliffe added, "We are really appreciative of the generosity exhibited by Viable, and are pleased they are equally committed to promoting the expansion of deaf business ownership in this country. This website is only one of many steps to this accomplishment, and we’re very excited about the possibilities ahead of us."

Deaf business owners are encouraged to visit , enter their businesses in the directory, and share news about their businesses or professional accomplishments.

Submitted by Louis Schwarz, President, NDBI

FraZZy said...

Afterall, it is free. It s a free way to market your business and be heard in the deaf community.

As a wonderful business owner, it is always an advantage to market your business everywhere and take advantage of the free marketing or adversiting given.