Monday, January 5, 2009

Deaf Juror dismissed In Ohio (Update)

Hearing-impaired woman should not have been on jury, court says Does this mean that deaf jurors are disqualified from sitting on juries?


CoolPJR said...

It does not mean to apply every Deaf juror from sitting on the future jury system. Every case is different based on what the trial is determined for a civil or criminal caase. I hope Deaf residents in Ohio still receive a jury notice from the Jury Dept randomly and I encourage them to make a request for interpreter services. If the Court decides to remove all Deaf residents from their databse, then they are violated ADA for their rights.

Rob said...

Jim, the issue was that the juror did not know sign language enough to warrant a sign language interpreter to be in court as the article pointed out:

In its decision, the appeals court said the hearing-impaired juror apparently didn't read sign language, so an interpreter wasn't brought into the courtroom. Other courts have dismissed hearing-impaired jurors if special arrangements, such as a sign-language interpreter, could not be made.

If I would be in a jury, I would request a sign language interpreter for the duration of my duty on the jury and in the courtroom.