Sunday, November 30, 2008

You can reason, but you can't hide the facts

Reasoning is the cognitive Cognition is a concept used in different ways by different disciplines, but is generally accepted to mean the process of awareness or thought. The meaning of the word "reason" overlaps to a large extent with "rationality" and the adjective of reason in philosophical contexts is normally "rational", not "reasonable" for beliefs, conclusions, actions or feelings.

Moral reasoning is individual or collective practical reasoning about what, morally, one ought to do. How do we sort out which moral considerations are most relevant?

The concept that is is called "begging the question in logic", which is the Latin name petitio principii, is an informal fallacy found in many attempts at logical arguments. Such an argument is valid in the sense in which logicians use that term, yet provides no reason at all to believe its conclusion. Often people will use "logic" and "argument from analogy" (relating things to novel other situations) to prove their case.

We can look around the facts and in our own minds, we reason differently.


ecnarb said...

Hi Jim,

I was looking at Extra folder at Deafread and found this article. I was studying philosophy since last summer, inspired by Carl Schroeder and his blog Ka'lalau's Korner.

Also I still try to understand the concept that you mentioned about reason and rational.

I was reading David Wells "Losing Our Virtue".
here's the quote...
The postmodern mind has substituted values for virtues; personality for character; shame for guilt; and the self for human nature in God's image- and the exchange has been devastating for our culture. Consider the last of these substitutions. As Wells pints ot, the self is unique to each individual such that no two individuals have a common reality- expect for that narcissistic and nihilistic swamp in which they paddled around in a vain hope of landing on common moral ground.

What do you think?

Sola Fe,
Brance "Ecnarb"

Jim said...

Vain hope is always humanist point of view. Vain hope is always without God. I will post more about this later in my blog.