Saturday, October 25, 2008

Economic Effects those with Disabilities including Deafness

Within the economical world, the design of the deaf person's economic environment MAY BE viewed as disabling factor. In the cultural model, the Deaf belong to a culture in which they are neither infirm nor disabled. Other disabilities including those with Multiple Sclerosis are the same way. We all are ABLE and we all are able to be part of the economical system along with the normal and able people. I have Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) (Diagnosed in April 2002). (deafness caused by nerve damage, MS caused by nerve scars.) I am healthy today and hardly get sick however my MS can affect my daily activities. I am also legally deaf. With the help from technology, I can hear almost normal but totally deaf without them. A disability is a body function is impaired compare to the usual normal healthy abilities of a body and within a body, including physical impairment, sensory impairment, cognitive impairment, intellectual impairment mental illness, and various types of chronic disease (like mulitiple scleorsis). When we are talking about deafness, deaf is a disability in wich you have a loss of one of the 5 senses that enable a human being to be "normal".

The sources of people with disabilities problem were people around them and how they were coping them. This is not my first time dealing with this since I have been dealing with this ever since I was a child, from a "disability's perspective" and I often raise this question "Who define my own quality of life?". We live in a world which places great emphasis on beauty, wealth and power with people with disabilities are often a symbol of the opposite. We need to have a solid and sound concept to understand disabilities and how those with disabilities can enjoy quality of life.

Another view, parents of children with disabilities areis NOT easy because they work much harder than parents of "normal" kids. Its very tough for parents to find the "right" path for our disabled children. the disability rights movements are still educating people about the structural and attitudinal barriers in the United States and similar industrialized countries that are the fundamental cause for the discrimination and oppression faced by disabled people, INCLUDING parents whose children are disabled.

Government have been taking away programs that has helped many children and many parents today are getting more fustrated, including those with autism. This year's election will be a big factor.

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Norma said...

I can't help but believe that abortion because of a disability, such as Down Syndrome babies now 90% aborted, has a long term smothering affect on concern for any disability, whether it be from a head injury, a stroke, or nuerological disease. If they aren't worthy of life, why worthy of special care, or education, or treatment? We've invented the technology to assist many disabled lead nearly normal lives, but have developed hearts of stone along the way.