Sunday, May 4, 2008

The National Deaf Business Institute's (NDBI)

The National Deaf Business Institute's (NDBI) provides support for starting, managing, or growing business. This site has a list of 67 businesses under 32 cateogries.


Merelyme said...

hey there! did you change your blog again? so good to see you! thank you for always being my friend.

Abbie said...

Now this is interesting! I love seeing what kind of business other deaf people have started. I just learned of theater called White House Theater (i think) in MO that caters to the deaf community.

I have two side business myself in addition to my full-time benefit package occupation. I am a computer consultant that caters to residential users, I have done this for 10 years. My business partner are in the beginning stages of starting a favor business that specializes in Chocolate dipped Oreos. If we dont' have a job, we sell them and donate a portion of the proceeds to whatever charity we pick for the month. Last month it was POAC: Parents of Austic Children, this month it is March of Dimes. Each month it changes.