Saturday, May 10, 2008

Common Sense Manager?

I have heard stories about bad managers who had no common sense when it comes to managing a business. Take one good example that happened recently. A single mom Nicole Lilliman working in Tim Hortons in Canada got fired for giving away a Timbit to a child that was not quiet and Nicole was doing a PR for the business. She was reinstated when the dilemma hit the media to a different Tim Horton location. This single mother of four who was trying to surive, has been rehired at another Tim Hortons restaurant (same franchise owner but different manager) after what the chain described as an “overreaction” by a manager. Tim Hortons' Headquarters called the firing "an overreaction and not appropriate.” See Story

In this country, regardless if you are a manager or any other positions, "Common sense" in the United States ARE GONE ever since one woman sued MacDonald's for "hot coffee". The woman's hot coffee lawsuit was bad but what we really bad that never before filed suit against anyone, the woman said she wouldn't have brought the lawsuit against McDonald's had the Corporation not dismissed her request for compensation for medical bills. The company should have paid for her medical bills. Both, the plaintiff and the corporation didn't have the common sense to solve the issues before it went to court.

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Abbie said...

Common sense seems to take the back door when everyone has their hand in the pot.