Sunday, April 6, 2008

Visor Communication Card Program for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Drivers

Over the years, there were cases in other states when police officers shot deaf men due to an alledged communication breakdown. The card is such a simple tool and pro-active in its protection similar to the medical alert bracelets people wear. Many states have similar Visor Communication Card Program for the Deaf. I live in Ohio and I don't know or aware of any similar program. I need to research more on this.

In Kentucky, they have a wonderful program for the citizens of deaf and hard of hearing drivers. Kentucky State Police with the support from the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are promoting a program that would assist those in law enforcement officers and drivers who are deaf, oral deaf and hard of hearing with the challenge of communicating with each other during traffic stops.

Visor Communication Card is a double-sided, laminate card which displays pictures that represent basic requests of various issues related to traffic. Issues such as traffic violations and roadside assistance which will expedite communication between law enforcement and the deaf or hard of hearing driver would be helpful.

It is recommended that Kentucky deaf and hard of hearing drivers obtain one for their vehicle by going to this website:and scroll to the bottom of the screen til you find "Visor Communication Card Program". Visor cards are limited to one per person and ONLY residents of Kentucky only are eligible. There, you will find examples of the card.

I believe similar program was started by Diane Edge of Maryland. Back in 2000, Diane, founder of Advocacy Support League and advocate of the deaf and hearing-impaired population of Southern Maryland, has created an informational card for the deaf in order to commumcate with law enforcement officers. She has lobbied the local school board to make changes in deaf education, and local hospitals and law enforcement agencies to the cause of deaf awareness.


whimsical brainpan said...

That is a great idea!

my life with bipolar disorder said...

That's wonderful to have such a helpful card. Hopefully more will be done to make this card available to those in need.