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Members of Cultures such as Deaf clubs.....


After posting yesterday about American Sign Language(ASL)Only, I have had many thoughts and more thoughts after reading the comments from ASL Only post.

One comment from Shel90 who said:
I question is why do AGBAD and other oral-only organizations insist on English-only. It seems like these organizations and people who support them have that "only-me" attitudes.

I understand the value of mastering English. However, ASL should be valued just as well since it fully accessible to deaf people unlike spoken English.
Another comment from DBC, who said:
There is no such thing as "ASL Only Deaf"

All Deaf people know English and those that also know ASL are bilingual.

John Egbert
Both of their statements are true but there are those who don't think about them because they are so busy promoting their "cause".

Let's look at AG Bell and their supporters, I have a big issue with them because they have a cause that is very anti-ASL Deaf culture. Of course, there are those Deaf who are very anti-AG Bell. Between the two groups, there is no common ground unless someone comes up with a plan that we all can agree on.

I have been members of cultural clubs in the past and would still be members of them. I was a member of several Deaf clubs, in fact, I was an officer of one Deaf Club for number of years. Also, I was a trustee and accountant for a Deaf church for number of years as well. I have been involved in several cultural-related organizations and groups such as Scottish which I am about 99.99% Scottish. Cultural related organzations are wonderful and we should have them because they give us a sense of belonging.

While at the same time, we live in a multi-cultural society and in reality, we are to live with others in this country which therefore we are to have various forms of communication techniques in order to be part of the multi-cultural society. When I was watching Sweet Nothing in My Ear, I saw "Old Deaf culture and New Deaf culture" and noticing that the Deaf Culture is changing that older-timers and traditional cultural followers were having a hard time with the change.

With AG Bell's situation, it appears many of their wordings that are anti-ASL which mean anti-cultural language. I am having issues with experts like AG Bell telling parents what to do because it is very tough for parents to find the "right" path for our deaf and hearing-impaired children when their parents are not getting ALL of the information about deafness. AG Bell should be SHARING ALL aspects of what can HELP our children regardless how we think should be the right way.

The Deaf and hearing-impaired children are the ones who are living their lives and that they will grow old with their own bodies. We adults are NOT living in their lives or grow old in their bodies.

What adults should be doing is helping deaf and hearing-impaired children living their lives at their own free-will and have them enjoy life without us placing our own agendas what would be "best for them". We cannot place restrictions on them because we "think" or the "experts think" what is best for the children.

We want the BEST for them by allowing them to be part of the decision process so they can reveal who they are and how they can actually enjoy life independently however they can cope with their own bodies. Therefore, with that thinking, we have to be careful because deaf/hearing-impaired children may particularly be vulnerable to suffering at the hands of their parents who are willful in their own ignorance by listening to so called "experts" relating to agendas.

We are to place AG Bell on notice and have them change their agendas. The structures of the organization itself should be modified, including strategic plans, agendas, policies and procedures. AG Bell work with all cultures in order to have all the information for parents of deaf/hearing-impaired children.

Of course, lobbying is one of the biggest issues with AG Bell because they need money and they get their donated money from professionals such as Cochlear surgeons and similar professions. If AG Bell lose money from those individuals, Cochlear surgeons and supporters will move to another organization or create their own. We will STILL have problems with those people regardless.

What we need to do is to EDUCATE AG Bell members about deafness and that we accept Cochlear implants with conditions. Then we explain those conditions as an awareness for parents to know why we have those conditions.

The more the parents know, the BETTER decisions will be made for their children. That's what is important.


Amy said...



I'm so glad that you wrote what you thought, and you are so clear about this. That is what I think too!

Thank you, Jim. Is there a way...a possibility... that you can VLOG about it? Your words?

Pretty please?

Amy Cohen Efron

DBC said...

It was Amy Cohen Efron that lit the "fire" in the Deaf Community with her vlog "The Greatest Irony".

If Hearing babies can learn sign language at the age of 4/6 months to 18 months to build their cognitive development while waiting for their vocal chord to be fully developed to be able to learn can Deaf Babies.

But AGBell/AVT and its associates built a wall (Berlin Wall) so that parents of Deaf babies will not know the whole truth about American Sign Language.

DBC wants to tear down that WALL and educate all parents of HEARING and DEAF babies that learning sign language early as possible will help all babies to learn how to learn, especially speech.

AGBell/AVT and its associates will do all their mighty to keep that WALL up.

So how are we to take down that WALL?

DBC is here to help.

If you have a better idea, DO IT!

That "Berlin Wall" has been up for 128 years. It is time to take it down and educate all parents so that they can make the best informed decision for their Deaf babies.

John Egbert

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

Deaf culture a lot LOT more than just Deaf clubs!!! Your definition is not accurate.

Abbie said...

This is unbelievably written with all the sense in the world! This accurately points out the realism of what is going on in the world today.

Superb job Jim, absolutely superb!