Thursday, April 17, 2008

Joining AG Bell to change their Agendas

To change Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf's agendas, we must get involved as stakeholders. In reality, change should not be done for the sake of change but rather a strategy to accomplish some overall goal. To begin with, there are strong resistances to change and we will need to educate those who are resisting change to understand why we need to change. Because organization-wide change often goes against the very values held strongly by members that go against how they believe things should be done.

Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf should have a NEW President and Board of Directors who will instigates some changes by being visionary, persuasive and consistent. In order for new officials to sustain change, the structures of the organization itself should be modified, including strategic plans, agendas, policies and procedures. Often Board of Directors are members of the organization. Each member get have single membership vote.

We can change AG Bell by joining and making some waves.

Current AG Bell Board of Directors
President - Karen Youdelman, Ed.D. (OH)
President-Elect & Treasurer - John R. "Jay" Wyant (OH)
Vice President - Steven R. Rech, J.D. (TX)
Vice President - Robert Palter, M.B.A. (Canada)
Secretary - Marcy Kelly (MD)
Executive Director/CEO - Alexander T. Graham (VA)
Immediate Past President - Inez K. Janger (NY)

Christine Anthony, M.B.A. (IL)
Stephen Epstein, M.D. (MD)
Carol Flexer, Ph.D., CCC-A, Cert. AVT®
Lilian Flores-Beltran, Ph.D. Cert., AVT® (MEXICO)
Janet S. Kahn, M.S., CCC-A, Cert. AVT® (FL)
Irene W. Leigh, Ph.D. (MD)
Ken H. Levinson (CA)
Michael A. Novak, M.D. (IL)
Dan Salvucci, M.Ed., Ed.M., CCC-A (PA)
J. Paul Sommer, M.B.A. (MA)
John F. Stanton, J.D. (DC)
Peter Steyger, Ph.D. (OR)
Joanne Travers (MA)
Kathleen S. Treni (NJ)


Karen said...

Rather than trying to get an organization to change its mission and purpose, why not join and build up an organization like Hands & Voices, which welcomes everyone regardless of communication mode? Hands & Voices is working to make sure that parents get non-biased information and support by setting up Guide By Your Side programs in several states that will work with parents of newly diagnosed babies.

Edward Nugent said...

I rather see AgBAD shut down! We don't need them, we already have NAD and SHHH.

OCDAC said...

Take A Peek At