Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Election Question: Vote from Home

Hot issue in Ohio: Would you prefer to vote by mail in elections or continue to go to a polling place? Ohio's Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner wants every Ohio county to have the option of asking voters whether they want to conduct elections entirely by mail. However, Ohio legislature first would have to give counties the authority to put a vote-by-mail issue on the ballot

Do you think there will be an overwhelming support from Ohioians?

I think, overall, this might be more cost effective to vote by mail as long as the mail delivery and counting can be verified.

I understand some states like State of Oregon has been voting by mail and that they have no problems.

I offer a compromise: Able bodied citizens should go to a voting place to vote while others who are disabled can vote by mail.


whimsical brainpan said...

I'd offer up the tampering argument but most of the states that cast votes by computers are at risk too.

Norma said...

We first voted absentee because we were going to be gone; then I guess because of age they now send it to us. I tell you, it's pretty nice, and I feel I'm better prepared. We were always being shuffled around from pillar to post, or the weather was bad, or the election judges were inexperienced. Voting from home, if they can keep fraud out of it, is really nice. If you have to register to do it, that should cut down on fraud.