Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deaf man: Outdated phones kept me in jail

claims he couldn’t call his family because the jail has older text phones As usual, the government is behind on technology, especially when it comes to deaf and other disabilities.


Deaf Pixie said...

No EXUSE! The jail doesnt want to buy a brand new. It is 600 dollars is cheaper than they think old text is from train teletype is no longer to useful for tty relay service. because it is different of their old text machine is no longer made one since 1965's.

They should know that old tty often not working for contact with the family's tty device machine is quiet different!!

They should have set up IP-Relay Service to use computer very useful more cheaper than buy a tty device.

Still the jailed need to educate by the A.D.A. It is very huge changed from now. The deaf people useful computer instead of Tty machine for calling.

their Jail doesn't made sense to understand between old text and old tty and IP-relay?

Deaf Pixie,

Abbie said...

Tell me about it! I can't even get an answer about whether captel would work at work!

That is another issue all together.