Sunday, March 30, 2008

Take the time clipping coupons which can trim grocery bills

Around tough economic times, we have to be smart to take the time to look for, cut out, file, and use cents-off coupons. For me, to use the coupons wisely is to use coupons to buy only items I use often and when the item is already on sale. Like my "Total" Cereal which I have found about 3 coupons already and waiting for a sale. Often, I try to watch the weekly store ads the comes with my newspaper or the stores' websites. I also watch for "double coupons" when they promote them in their ads.

The key to saving is only use the coupons for products normally buy. Nothing more.

Self-discipline means dedicating your time to grocery shopping and meal planning will cut your spending by up to 50 percent. You do not have any self-discipline if picking up items that aren't on your list that costs more than you want to spent.

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