Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lifestyle Changes and get healthy

I am thinking about my commitment to swim again and I can't wait to start swimming again. I won't be able to swim until I get my ear plugs that will arrive about two weeks from yesterday. Being deaf and wearing hearing-aids, I can't afford to have ear infections that I often get when swimming so ear plugs are great investments.

Swimming is great for those who has diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Exercise is an important component in managing my MS as well as diabetes and high blood pressure. Financially, I am tight and regardless how tight I am, my family will be joining YMCA. My wife has diabetes as well and she wants to exercise therefore, we are getting a family membership package. I have flexible spending accounts (FSAs) which allows me currently pay for prescription drugs and doctor visits with pre-tax dollars. I want to use this for membership and according to the benefits list, I am eligible only if my doctor prescribes for me to exercise. In 2001, the IRS released its Revenue Ruling 2002-19, which states that certain health club service fees, not including health club dues, may qualify as tax-favored medical expenses. Such services must be prescribed by a physician for the treatment of a disease, including, but not limited to, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, counseling for weight-reduction, nutrition, cholesterol, or hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. Physical inactivity are associated with 23% of health plan charges and 27% of national health care charges. I say, I need help to find ways to stay active that is financially affortable.

Anyway, I am going to check with my doctor and see if she could prescribe for me to join YMCA.

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