Friday, March 7, 2008

Hard to find good teachers so a deaf school dismiss one

The firing of a popular math teacher at St. Mary’s School for the Deaf sparked a student protest Thursday, with middle and high school students refusing to go to class. According to the article, students described this teacher as a great math teacher and nice person, who helped them understand and, even in some cases, enjoy math for the first time.

What do administrators do when they dismiss a teacher that students can really learn from?

In this article,students have said the following:
"She was great, she taught us a lot of things, and we felt motivated in that class and all the students loved here, right...yea"
"Finding a teacher that signs for our school is very hard to come by. Knowing a teacher that teaches math is not easy to find, and they say they're gonna look for another one."
Know what else? As punishment for refusing to go to class, the students would not allowed to have after school activities for a week.

Many parents are hoping their children get good teachers, especially parents of deaf children. A "good" is hard to define in a teaching profession that constantly seeks better teaching methods while trying to meet the needs of students with varying talents, skills and shortcomings.

Sounds like this teacher have a great passion for keeping up with teaching strategies so that students have the desire to learn.

I am really curious what caused this to happen.


Diane J Standiford said...

I suppose she is gay or did inappropriate hugging. I pray it is something worse.

Deb Ann said...

Me too.