Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Deaf Blogger's Comment regarding Hearing Dog at school

It all comes down to this - you don't need a dog for school - I have went to a public school all my life without a dog and never had a need for one, and there is no benefit or need for one. Read more


Merelyme said...

i really can't comment on this. i need to read more. just stopping by to say hello and to apologize for being neglectful lately. trying to catch up now.

Abbie said...

Since I am a mainstreamed oral deaf woman with CI's, I went to school just fine without a hearing dog as many of others had done so before me. I have a hard time seeing how a hearing dog would be beneficial to his education. I am gong to make an assumption since that I read he has sign language interpretor that the school has one interpretor for him for the entire day.

Then the MONEY!? Are you kidding me? That is an absolute ridiculous amount of money. I would love to see a copy of the complaint that was filed with the Human Rights Commission of Nassau County. It is public record now.