Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Couple who want deaf child using embryos

This is an interesting article and to me it is old news. This issue has been going on for years in many different perspectives. BBC News have came up with a question in this linkIs it wrong to select a deaf embryo?

Nothing wrong being deaf and also wanting a child who is deaf may be logical from the "culture" point of view. However, my question is this, should we let God handle this or allow science to control what we want?

God have created the Deaf culture and now the Deaf culture want to take control over from God to make sure that the Deaf culture STAYS. I am reminded of this quote:
One of the hardest lessons to learn comes from our stubborn refusal to refrain from interfering in other people’s lives. It takes a long time to realize the danger of being an amateur providence, that is, interfering with God’s plan for others. Oswald Chambers

As a parent, I want God to choose my child to live according to His will, not mine. The fact of the matter is the visible providence of God has no respector (discriminate) of persons. I arrived naked from the womb of my mother; I will leave in the same condition--with nothing. Ecclesiastes 3:2: "a time to be born and a time to die". In this world, I have learned that by doing of the will of God leaves me no time for disputing about His providence plans and why things are happening around me. The fact of the matter is the visible providence of God has no respector (discriminate) of persons. God's providence is always that we shouldn't be surprised to find this a mysterious paradox of what happens around the world for His purpose. What we may need (or want) often will not fit with God's will. In In Ephesians 1:11, "He works all things according to the purpose of His own will."

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