Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cold Case episode & controversial cochlear implants

To understand the controversies about cochlear implants, on Sunday, March 30th, CBS will air its first Cold Case episode of the season after Writers’ Strike. The story is centered in a school for the Deaf, touches on the issues of the controversial cochlear implants, and someone gets murdered. I will be taping this show. Cold Case is one of my wife's and my favorite shows.

By the way, last year, "Law & Order-Criminal Intent" had an episode about the Deaf culture and cochlear implants. The episode is titled "Silencer" which was orignally aired on April 3, 2007.

Cochlear implants are typically used as a last resort because they destroy any hearing patients do have. I am not qualified to get one because I have too much hearing left to benefit. Hearing-aids are just perfect for me.

Here's CBS Morning's article: The Cochlear Implant Controversy


janes said...

I starting watching COLD CASE while in a hotel room at a conference. When I returned home I found that my wife had also begin watching the very same episode. So we started making it our regular Sunday viewing. It is in a word - fantastic! The mood, the music, the actors, the back stories and the weird plots draw you in each week.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to clarify that CIs do not necessarily destroy residual hearing. That may have been the case years ago but with advanced technologies and new, pre-curved/soft electrode arrays, residual hearing can be and is preserved. In fact, a lot of CI recipients have quite a bit of low frequency hearing left and are using that in combination with their CIs to benefit quite a bit from the surgery. The candidacy criteria is changing quite a bit and many more types of hearing loss are being considered for CI and its benefits then ever before.