Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What should the Deaf Culture do about

AG Bell's 2008 convention that will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 27-30, 2008?

Is it true that this is the largest gathering of families with deaf and hard of hearing children in the world?

Should we let AG Bell know that we disagree with their concept of deafness? Will there be any Deaf people who lives in the area who might show up to "protest"?

Added: 11:00 AM: I like this commentary about the AG Bell's situation here: My Response to Karen Youdelman’s and Alexander T. Graham’s Pepsico Letter and I made a comment in this blog with full support.


I am planning to go to The DeafNation Expo that will be stopping one of the 14 cities here in Columbus, Ohio on April 26, 2008 and I encourage those who lives in a city (see below) where they are visitng to go.

Franklin County Veterans Memorial
North Exhibition Hall
300 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Exhibit Hours: 9am to 6pm
- Exhibitions - Entertainment- Seminars & Workshops- Children's Activities

What's new at the Expo in 2008?
-DeafNation Media Experience
-New John Maucere Show
-New Matt Morgan
-New Presentations
-DeafNation Tech workshop
-More surprises from Event Sponsors and Exhibitors

DeafNation Expo goes nationwhide visiting each cities. DeafNation hosts 14 Expos annually since 2003, having attracted in excess of 185,000 over the years and still growing.

Here are their list of stops during 2008:
Feb. 23- Greensboro, NC
Mar. 1- Austin, TX
Mar. 15- Phoenix, AZ
April 5- Orlando, FL
April 12- Pomona, CA
April 19- Omaha, NE
April 26- Columbus, OH
May 3- Atlanta, GA
Sept. 20- Denver, CO
Sept. 27- Worcester, MA
Oct. 4- Chicago, IL
Oct. 18- Seattle, WA
Oct. 25- Pleasanton, CA
Nov. 1- Secaucus, NJ

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