Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What does ASLAN stand for?

I am not sure what ASLAN stands for but I do know ASL stands for Amercian Sign Language.

I ran across another blogger who got discriminated by his company in his blog here: Update Discrimination at Work

ASLAN needed to be added to ADA for those who are truly rely on ASL as their main source of communication. He wants to see ASLAN to be included in the "ADA law or policy for workforce stating that it shall provided interpreter for all ASLAN and not oppress them."

What does ASLAN really mean? This basically means is to encourage companies and employers to recognize American Sign Language as the main communication by the Deaf culture (Deaf employee) as part of the "reasonable accomandation" effort when conducting meetings and not leaving them out.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I still can't believe that companies have to be encouraged to do what's right.

*thinks about Enron, Exxon, and Haliburton*

Never mind...

AslMan said...

Thanks for your comments and to help out for spreading out.

ASLAN- break down the word of ASL as for American Sign Language and AN whatever group we are in or LAN as language. Anyone can use American Sign Language and recognize for that group. You know like American with an at the end recognize as that person from same with ASLAN.
Thanks for your support.