Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shelley Anne Beattie, Deaf Body Builder and Gladiator

In the 1990s, I was part of the fitness movement and regularly attended Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic every year here in Columbus. The Arnold Classic is an annual bodybuilding and other sports competitions. The Arnold Classic includes three competitions for women: Ms. International, Fitness International, and Figure International. It has also been expanded to feature gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, fencing, table tennis, yoga, martial arts, strongman competitions, archery, wrestling, powerlifting and many other sports.

Arnold Classic will be happening this weekend (February 29th to March 2nd) at downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Anyway, back to Shelley Beattie, she died last week Shelley Beattie passed away on February 16, 2008. I saw her in person back in the 1990's when she was here in Columbus. Its sad that Shelley has died. She was deaf and she even made on the cover of DeafLife magazine twice in the 1990s. Shelley appeared on the American Gladiators TV show as "Siren" and stayed with them for several seasons until she retired from the sport.

They did not announce the cause of her death but there is rumor that steriods complicated her health in the last few years.


beta said...

prolly so, and she has a partner, I would assume something more than steroids may have made her health demise quickly, AIDS prolly ?

Deaf Pixie said...

Let you know that Shelli Beattie died last Feb 13th.. Not 16th.. Her ex husband wrote a mess up and revenaged her member family.

Last Saturday, her memorial service were served. I have not chance to hear about why and how did she died.

someone say grave illness and then change story Bipolar Depression. I am waiting to hear new update.

Jean Boutcher said...

Was she an implantée? Reason for asking is that she spoke as if she were a hearing person.

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

I have created a blog about Shelley along with few links to view about her. Check this out at

Anonymous said... posted an obituarie today about Shellie. She hanged herself at a care facility after being there for six weeks.
Very tragic story.

Liz said...

Very sad.

beta, why would you think that a lesbian woman would probably have AIDS? Although womant-to-woman transmission of HIV can happen, a woman is more likely to get AIDS from a man than from a woman.