Wednesday, February 27, 2008

North Carolina School for the Deaf Situation

There is growing concern in Morganton, North Carolina.

One of the biggest issue at the North Carolina School for the Deaf is the administration. Director of the school, Linda Lindsey and other administrators don't know how to use sign language fluently. From what I understand that Ms. Lindsey has been taking sign classes for 4 years and still, she is not fluent. They are unable to communicate with their students and staff members without an interpreter.

This week, on Monday, students and staff members planned to hold a protest march, but officials put a stop to that by suspending 7 students and 5 staff members.

It appears to be an ongoing problem for deaf students that administrators have not taken actions to help them.

I am now just learning this and I need to research more on this situation. Here's the link to the news NCSD averts protest

This is the school's website.

The timing could not be better because 20 years ago began "Deaf President Now" protest. Deaf President Now (DPN) was a student protest at Gallaudet University, the liberal arts university for the deaf in Washington, DC, pushing for the selection of a deaf university president. This took place between March 6 and March 13, 1988.

This situation have created the negative awareness of the administrators' attitude towards Deaf people around the nation. I am going to keep an eye on this situation and see what is really going on before I make any comment.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Wow! This is the first I've heard of this and I live in NC.

DeafMeek said...

Check it out to Sign up!!!